How it works

The goal of the SOCALICEHOCKEY club is to make playing recreational hockey fun and safe.  No more showing up not knowing if anyone will be there and wondering if you’ll be shooting for posts and cones.  All games are GUARANTEED to have 2 GOALIES!  Lines are arranged by experience/ability level so you’ll be playing against players of like ability.  Players are expected and REQUIRED to pass and skate hard in both zones (see rules).  Shifts are timed to allow equal ice time for all players.  Jerseys are provided for each team so everyone on your team will be wearing the same jersey. All players are responsible to know and wear required equipment.  

So reserve your spot, show up and have a great time playing the great game of hockey!


1.  Have FUN!
2.  NO HITTING – EVER. Do not bump, hit, slash or high stick.  THERE IS NO CONTACT.  If someone is going to beat you on either side DO NOT move into the lane, move out of the way.  Those ignoring this rule will not be welcome at future games.
3.  Don’t be a puck hog.  Pass the puck.  You’ll find an amazing thing happens when you pass, you usually get it back.
4.  Look ahead for your Wingers and make the pass.  Ever notice how the skaters without the puck are always skating faster than those with the puck?  Make the pass.
5.  Use the boards to clear.  Don’t pass up the center and give the other team a clear shot on goal.  Use the boards as an additional skater.
6.  Communicate on the ice.  Be your team mates eyes, tell them what’s around them and tell where you are.  Make sure you are listening.
7.  Defensemen don’t go behind the net!  Let the wingers do their job, you do yours.
8.  Play both sides of the ice.  If you cherry pick you’ll be unpopular and make your team mates work much harder.  Skate hard all the time regardless of who has the puck – you paid for it.
9.  Centers watch for the 3rd attacker deep in your zone.  If you can count 3 offending jerseys in front of your goalie and your high in the zone waiting for a break out pass, you are out of position.
10. Get off the ice QUICKLY at the end of each shift.  Your turn is over, watch out for the new skaters rushing to the puck.
11. When you hear the buzzer ending your shift DON’T TOUCH THE PUCK.  It’s right there, everyone knows you could score if you had just 1 more second, trust me they know. So leave it where it is.  Do not shoot it down to the other end.  Do not shoot it one more time at the goalie.  Just skate away..
12. OFFSIDES/PENALTIES.  If you come in offside or commit a clear penalty give up the puck to the other team. Yes, hooking and holding are penalties.
13. No face offs or referees.  Play fair, play nice, it’s just for fun.  Keep each other accountable on the ice.
14. Play is always on.  Unless the puck is covered by the goalie the puck is live at all times.
15. Take the player looking for the pass on defense.  Give the goalie less to think about by taking the other player out of the equation.  The player without the puck always poses the biggest threat.
16. Defensemen stay inside the blue lines in the offensive zone.  It’s your job to keep the puck in the zone.  Keep your team from having to skate out of the zone by doing your job at the blue line.
17.  Warm up the goalies.  Although you probably need the practice, DO NOT practice your deking, the goalie needs to get a feel for the puck.. so SHOOT IT hard and low. Don’t give away your patented finesse moves that nearly got you to the show just yet, save those gems for the game

18.  NO Slap Shots.  Taking a slap shot at any time during a SoCal Ice Hockey game is not allowed.  Notice the PERIOD.  No slap shots.

19.  Make suggetions, not demands. A great way to help other players especially those who are still learning the game is to share your hockey smarts when warranted. The more you “suggest” and the less you “demand” the more likely others are to learn from you.  And the best part? You get the credit for making them better!  Sounds like a win/win deal. 

20. Stay until the game is complete. Leaving the game early (even if you are tired) is a good way to make everyone on your team very frowny. The game needs you, your teammates need you, so stay and play to the end whenever possible.  You won’t find yourself gaining additional fitness sitting in the locker room.


Refunds/Cancellations/No Shows

Players requesting to cancel must do so a minimum of 48 hours prior to original requested skate start time. Cancellations may be sent via email or by using the online form. Players requesting to cancel 48 hours prior to their reserved skate time will be issued a credit which MUST be used within 30 days of date of purchase. Players canceling within 48 hours of requested skate time are still be responsible for the full skate fee. Game reservations made within 48 hours of any skate are NON-REFUNDABLE.  Confirmed players that fail to attend without prior notice will be assessed a no-show fee equal to but not greater than the skate fee for that session.  All game reservations are non-transferrable.

Ready to Play?